Bitter Sweet Moments

Entrepreneurs live in bitter sweet moments knowing and understanding what it takes to run a business. Then the moment comes where you do the business because of your expertise. Next, another moments comes when the business bills must be paid all while you are scheduled for a flight to attend a conference you signed up for months ago.

You have stayed on top of your game thus far. You have kept your books organized, you have your lawyer a favorite contact in case of legal woes, and you have been reaching your revenue goals for the business.

You have told everyone and their mom about your business, even your arch nemesis for support. You created a facebook page a while back but haven’t posted anything since Christmas. You used a DIY web design platform when you first started your business but it is now out of date. You attempted to make a few videos on your phone but not sure how to publish them to Youtube.

You tell yourself, “I am doing well. I do what I love and I love what I do. And I’m making some money in the process.”

The reality is: Even if you are making money but no one knows you exist you could be losing money in the process. You are limiting yourself and losing profits because your branding is inconsistent.

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A Front line for the Church

5 Lessons to learn from the church shooting in Charleston


1: Shootings can happen anywhere (good neighborhood, bad neighborhood, church or school).

Recently, America is more familiar with school shootings or neighborhood shootings. The church is not a safe haven and hasn’t been for long time.

2: Racism is not dead because it is learned behavior. CNN did a pilot test study in 2010 on how 5 year olds view dark skinned individuals. The tests was developed to assess children’s attitudes, beliefs, and social preferences with other children of different skin tones. The shooter of the Charleston Massacre said he was there to kill black people. “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” the gunman said. At some point in his life he learned to hate black people.
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.10.56 PM

3: Everyone feels anger, hurt, and sadness but it’s about how you respond. President Obama said in his statement, “To say our thoughts & prayers are with them…doesn’t say enough to convey the heartache & the sadness & the anger we feel.” The president is mourning over a loss of his friend (the pastor) and congregation members he knew there. The shooter reacted to his perception of black people by killing them. How will you respond?

Photo by David Goldman/ Associated Press
Photo by David Goldman/ Associated Press










4: There is no justice for death of loved ones, only love towards the killer. A grandmother, Kathy Sanders, had two grandchildren that died in the Oklahoma City bombing. She eventually found a way to love the bombers involved with the plot.

Photo by Charleston Police Department via Rueters
Photo by Charleston Police Department via Rueters

5:Church security is necessary with cameras, guards, and a front line. Emanuel A.M.E. had a front door camera, but, no guards to protect the pastor. (Yes, some pastors use body guards.) The gunman sat right next to the pastor for an hour during prayer & bible study. It is sad that the church will need a front line because when opposition arises a team will need to handle the situation properly. In my opinion, put the suspect in a choke hold first, knock them out, then cast the demons out. Martial arts comes in handy when no guns are present.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.11.26 PM

Making money over keeping a brand

One of the most popular and long awaited boxing fights is coming up next week between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. One can not take notice but mention the bias between the boxing sport and other sports such as NFL, NBA, or NHL on the reasons for suspensions. Some professional athletes get suspended for really dumb stuff. In boxing, however, suspensions rarely occur specifically with Floyd Mayweather. Most may already know of his history of domestic violence, which has been a trend of professional athletes recently. While domestic violence is a major social problem, athletes in the spotlight raise eyebrows about the issue and their career steps. Some professional athletes were suspended for their personal behavior either temporarily or permanently and or reinstated.

May weather, on the other hand, has not had behavior consequences that disrupted his job. He prides himself coming from nothing into something. Rather, someone who went from broke to rich in a matter of years training as boxer. For the last 13 years, Mayweather has been accused of domestic violence against women frequently. He even had jail time in 2011 which was ordered after he was scheduled to fight although, the incident occurred before the bout. The judge allowed for him to fight and no suspension occurred and he still got paid. And, although, he was supposed to serve 90 days he served 60 days. Some say it’s not about his personal life and others believe it is about his personal life because other professional athletes get worse consequences for public conduct in their personal lives.

It could be that the fight is coming up and the media needs a story for the next couple of days. It could also be opponents of Mayweather highlighting disagreements or ruining a reputation. Since it has come to light the question has been raised: Is it more about making money than keeping a brand? Comment/Reply below and join the conversation on twitter@lncbrand or Facebook LNC Brand.